Friday, May 6, 2011

slippin a bit

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Ok sorry I have been a bit lax in posting.. at times it just seems like there is not much to say... oh went to bjj.. then did judo... rinse repeat.  but things are going good

Recently we had Royce Gracie in for a seminar.  He showed some good stuff but I was really impressed with all the little details he had to share or how quickly he could fix your mistakes.  Also we had 90 people on the mat and he was able to handle the crowd very nicely.  Also he was able to do and show all the little things very very smoothly.

Ok Judo wise yesterday I went over ouchi gari.  bjj was a big mix of guard drills mount drills and lots of sparring. 

other judo sessions focused on defeating the stiff arm and basic hip throws.  I have been working hip throws off the belt in a RvL situation as well as morote seonage RvL.  I also need to keep working on Tomoenage.

I made a video instructional that I put up on youtube feel free to check it out and post up some comments.. I made a thread about this on

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things keep getting better and better

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I really feel like I am in a good groove right now.  Judo training for myself is going really good.  At times that has suffered and I just chalk it up to the expense of running a club and growing a business or two. But recently since the club has more and more advanced or good students things have been easier to manage and I am getting more training in.  Also I have been lucky enough to work with some of the bjj guys before classes to get some great 'newaza' in.

I also am getting back on track with my strength and conditioning.  I primarily rely on Keystone CrossFit to keep me in shape.  And CrossFit Sensei Tim has worked wonders on my overal Strength and Conditioning.  really glad that is working out!

Tuesday was mainly a class of just drilling and sparring.  I did show some techinques for Righty vs Righty situations and went over some details on combinations. And then like I said we just got in a bunch of rounds.  All the new people are really improving and I just hope that continues.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Renewed Energry for JUDO!

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Ok Judo first.  Saturday is like a super secret training group at Scranton MMA.  I dont know why more people dont show up but it is awesome.  Some of our most talented grapplers are their and that works for me.

Monday we had two new kids, brothers, join our gym which is great.  They were a little slow to get into the training but then picked up everything real quick.  Ukemi, Sasae and Osoto.  Great class for them.  Even got them to do randori with no problem.  It did help to have 3 black belts on the mat and Vito who is 94% black belt at this point.

At the end of class I did some randori with Vito and the 2nd round we went I was able to try my new morote seonage where I use a very low lapel grip.  I am going to work this more nad more and see what I can make of it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Judo

Thursday was just a Judo day for me.  I started working with the kids class to get them ready for a competition this weekend. Then I moved onto the adult class to do the same with them. 

During the day I did some research to find some new drills and ideas to freshen things up a bit during class.  I had them work on just getting a grip and attacking with their favorite throw.  I also did some drills to defeat a stiff armed opponent.  This drill hopefully will come in handy for some of the newer guys and help them prepare for when someone is extra defensive.  The technique simply relied on twisting  your chest and shoulders violently through the grip to defeat it.  Very simple and very effective against a stiff arm.

There are a few other drills I picked up that I would like to implement and I will add them to the rotation next week. 

This weekend we have a lot of newer students competing for the first time.  Should be interesting to say the least.